Front crawl is the most widely used of the four strokes and also the fastest. It is swum in more competitive events than any other stroke – 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m. The following list contains key points you should remember.

Checklist – Arms

Fingertips enter first
Palm turns out (half way)
Hand enters water between the head and shoulder
Hand stretches forward under the water
Wrist bends downwards and backwards
Hand moves downwards
Elbow bends and hand pulls to pint under tummy button
Hand speeds up as it pushes back
Hand pushes back to thigh, palm faces leg
Arm is recovered by bending elbow and picking it up
Body rolls
Arm is recovered with elbows high, hands close to water
Arm should be relaxed on recovery

Checklist – Kick

Kick from hips
Bend knee slightly on down kick
Keep knee straight on up kick
Loose ankles, toes pointed
Small fast kicks

Checklist – Body position and breathing

Keep your body straight
Keep water at hairline (above goggles)
Head rolls side to side
Head turns only a short distance
Breathing should be controlled