Kintyre Amateur Swimming Club


new members

A number of swimmers have recently joined the junior-club section of Kintyre ASC. New members are always welcome, please contact the swimming club or speak to any club coach on a Monday evening at the Aqualibrium.

If you would like to join the swimming club, you will need to complete a trial demonstrating the following, to one of our club coaches.

• a front somersault from a floating position
• a crouching or standing dive
• swim 25 metres freestyle with good technique
• swim 25 metres backstroke with good technique
• swim 25 metres breaststroke with good timing
• attempt butterfly arms and legs together for 5 metres
• tread water for 45 seconds then swim 25 metres

For tips on each of these strokes go here.

Download the medical information and parental consent form. This must be completed and returned at the time of the trial.

You will be informed after the trial whether you have been successful. If you are successful you will receive information regarding which swimming group you will be in, together with details of the start date, swimming times and cost.

If you are unsuccessful we will give you pointers for improvement. Please feel free to re-trial when you have addressed those points.